FRIDAY HUMOR: Epic Parody Of Silver-Centric YouTube Channels

Matt from Silver Fortune has just posted some well needed comic relief. Come on in and have a laugh…

Editor’s Note –

WARNING – May cause verbal laughter, therefore, if you watch YouTube at work, you know, at your own risk, because they don’t allow that kind of stuff at work, something about “acceptable use”, and not only does your employer find watching YouTube totally unacceptable, but your employer finds YouTube silver-centric channels totally obscene and lacking any sort of decency, but thankfully, you spoofed your MAC address, swapped network ports unbeknownst to the person in the cubicle next to you, set-up a VPN routed through Canada which links back to NYC so you can watch US based YouTube, all on 256-bit AES encryption, know that if you start laughing too much, you might find somebody shoulder surfing (and for your sake let’s just hope it’s not your boss).


by Matt from Silver Fortune of Silver Fortune

Take less than 10 minutes of your day to have some fun poking fun at the various alt-media and silver centric YouTube channels.

You know the names, and Matt from Silver Fortune is pretty spot on with the voices.

Nice job Matt!

Tune in to the (parody) video below in its entirety:


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