Gold Is Starting Another Leg Up: It’s Like The End Of 2015 All Over Again

This legendary investor say gold investors will be rewarded over the next couple of years now that gold has started another up-leg of this bull market…

Ross Beaty interviewed on Palisade Radio

Ross discusses why he feels that we have been in a gold bull market since 2015. He says, “Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years.” He discusses the reasons for the last bull market and why it’s a bit different this time.

Mr. Beaty outlines his strategies for building a leading mid-tier company and what investors should be looking for in mining equities. He says, “The real gains that are coming will be huge.”

Time Stamp Reference:

00:37 – Ross’s background with Equinox Resources.
01:20 – Building Pan American Silver.
02:15 – Bull market started end of 2015.
03:35 – Gold equities have been walloped.
04:30 – Early 2000’s gold rally impression.
07:15 – Golds safe-haven status in financial meltdowns.
08:50 – His goal in starting Equinox Gold.
12:00 – How to build a mid-tier company.
14:40 – Jurisdictional challenges with California
18:00 – Picking assets to acquire as a mid-tier.
20:00 – Leverage and magnification in mining equities.
21:40 – Tips for investors capitalizing in this space.


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