Gold is a precious metal which has preserved its value all over the world since 800 B.C., From that era till today people have maintained a healthy interest in holding gold for different reasons,
Now, the very interesting thing about gold is that the value of this precious metal may have being steady or fluctuating from time to time but never has come down drastically, it has always maintained an ascending flow throughout.

Even after the media saying a lot of stories about the poverty in India and china,

India is in fact the number one and china being the number two buyers of gold for a long period of many years.
If you think of the interest of Indians in gold, then it is deeply rooted in their rich history even before the British ruled them, India was a rich country back then.

Yes, the British took away everything but the rich culture of India plays a big role in the gold market even today, the amount of gold that an individual buys may be small but think about a billion people doing the small thing, it makes a huge impact on the economy.

Now talking about china, their government tells them to buy gold from outside countries,

the reason they are doing this, is to bring gold from all over the world straight into china and they are strictly restricted from selling gold out of china, so that is the way the government of china is controlling the game of gold, but if you look at what is common in both those countries is not just the rich but also the medial class of both countries and even the poor people in India are buying gold.

You are not the only one who is trying to find a way with how the dollar is behaving,

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