Is There Really A Floor Under Silver Prices?

What effects can the mid-term elections have on gold & silver? What other critical factors are headed the precious metals’ way? Here’s some insight…

Matt from Silver Fortune interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Matt, the editor of the SilverFortune YouTube Channel returns to Reluctant Preppers to discuss:

* Emerging Markets – Poised to spark global financial contagion, or do they offer us a glimpse of our future?

* Fed Tightening: Is it for real, or just to maintain appearances? Claiming to prevent the “strong economy” from forming bubbles, but isn’t that a little too late, since we’ve been in “The Everything Bubble” for some time already?

* Is there any floor under silver prices? And what scenarios are the most likely to play out for gold & silver, depending on the direction of the mid-term elections, and other critical upcoming factors?


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