Keith Weiner: Why Am I Fighting For A Gold Standard?

Keith says fighting for the gold standard is not about prepping for a return to the dark ages. Instead, Keith says he’s fighting for a gold standard for this…

by Keith Weiner of Monetary-Metals

Life is good. They could not have imagined what we have now, back in the dark ages.

So I have never understood why people prep for a return to the dark ages. The only thing I can think of is that they don’t really picture what life is like. 14 hours a day of back-breaking labor to eke out a subsistence living. Subject to the risks of rain, sun, and insects.

Prepping makes no sense to me. I don’t know if I would choose to be alive after collapse. That is, even assuming I would survive the events immediately after—I expect more than 90% to die when energy and food production come to a halt.

I am fighting to preserve our civilization, and the life I love. We have so many things that we take for granted, including the Internet, medicine, cars and airplanes, music, and food from all over the world. We think nothing of putting formerly-exotic spices on food, and eating under electric lighting, while playing recorded music and watching the football game on a TV in the other room. Central heating keeps the cold at bay, or if you live in Arizona, central air condition banishes the heat.

Video cameras allow anyone to record themselves speaking their mind, and anyone in the world can watch.

It is for this, that I fight. Gold is just the means, honest money that will reverse the perverse incentives that are causing us to undermine our civilization by consuming its capital.

I recorded my thoughts.


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