Real Talk: Is JP Morgan Really Amassing A Record Silver Stockpile?

There are claims that JP Morgan has amassed a massive silver stockpile in order to suppress price. Let’s dive into those claims to see what’s going on…

Matt from Silver Fortune interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

What’s the real deal behind the controversial claims that JPMorgan (reputedly manipulating the silver market for over a century,) has either held or dumped their massive paper short position and/or has stockpiled a world record hoard of physical silver in vault storage (both on-book and off-book?)

And will the recent technical breakdown of silver from its 2-year long compressing volatility flag pattern spell dramatically lower silver prices ahead? Will we see sub-$10 silver before it pivots upward again?

Sound money enthusiast and financial host Matt from the Silver Fortune YouTube channel visits Reluctant Preppers for the first time to weigh in on these debates, and several others swirling around the future of Silver!


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